Monday, 4 April 2011

Simply beautiful

keep it simple

the dress

the added touches

the hair

the decoration

the outfits

the makeup

the message

the attitude

the expression

the pose

the look

the socks :P

the heels

the beauty

the smile

the style

the knots (that hold us together)

the actions

the details

the stance

the love

i'm all about keeping it simple. life is filled with those silly little drama's and tantrums it's hard to remember and appreciate the things that matter. i know a lot of these photos relate to fashion, but it's what you wear on the outside.. it has an impact on your life and determines you, as i'm sure most of you know :)

I found out something which for some stupid reason knocked me down and doubt myself and my work, and get angry at how some people can succeed despite being horrid people, but i was reminded of how incredible my life is in all it's simplicity. 

my family is beautiful
my friends are beautiful
my boyfriend is beautiful
and my life is beautiful

Life is simple. Don't try to make it complicated... it will only cloud the beauty of it all. 


What do you think?
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